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The heritage of Makray, Ltd. goes back some 250 years to Hungary.  With improved tanning techniques and manufacturing methods, making shearling, fur, and leather outerwear slowly ceased to be a cottage industry, evolving to specialized production.   

Political uncertainty in 1956 prompted Frank Makray to move operations to the United States. Makray, LTD. was established in 1973.  Under his supervision, the company has become internationally noted for its excellent quality and craftsmanship, a reputation Frank Makray is, understandably, proud of and indent on maintaining.         

In later years the company took on the name Colorado Leather & Furs.  It has sold to major department stores, including Bloomindales, Bergdof Goodman, and Barneys, in the 70's and 80's.   The company then downsized in the 90's to focus on custom high fashion fur, leathers, and service work.  

The company still continues to work with local fur and leather shops, but is not only known in the states. Internationally, Colorado Leather & Furs continue to work with retail operations from countries like Japan, Germany and Switzerland.  Very few furriers are left in the United States with the skills of creating custom fur garments.  Unbeatable pricing as well as unparalleled experience goes into the process of your one-of-a-kind piece.

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We strive to cloak the world in luxury goods made from the upmost quality materials and construction that can outlast time.  Fur, leather, and sheepskin are timeless items in fashion and in value.

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