Boutique Shop

In our boutique shop located at the front of the store, you can find luxury fur and leather garments for sale at reasonable prices.  Products can also be altered and redesigned to your liking, all in the same place.  Stop by the shop and come see what we have in store for you! 

Our Services

Custom Made Garments

If you can dream it, we can create it.  Between Frank Makray and the experts here at Colorado Leather & Furs,

your dream garment is one consultation away.  Appointments are not necessary, but suggested. We have the

best suppliers from around the world to find the best materials available.  We work with all types of leather, fur,

and sheepskin.

           Game Hunted Garments

               Hunters can bring tanned and treated leathers to us to make their own garments and miscellaneous items.


               Custom chaps, biker jackets, and vests are available.

Duplicate Styling

Have you already found your ideal garment or outerwear piece that is an absolute dream come true, but just out of

wallet's reach?  Come in with an idea, picture, anything really will do.  We will work with you on the best price for

exactly what you have been dreaming of at a more reasonable cost. 


Has the fur coat you own been passed down from generation to generation, and just too outdated or outrageous for you to even think of leaving the house in?  
Bring it in and we can turn it into an updated new look that you fall so in love with, you will wear it all the way through spring and for years and years to come.

Alterations and Repairs

Maybe it never fit you perfectly in the first place.  Maybe you gained or lost a few pounds.  No judgments here.  We just fix it, no questions asked.  Holes, nicks,
scratches, tears, we will do our best to make those disappear.

Fur Cleaning and Storage

Fur coats take up a lot of space and also run the risk of moth damage if not cared for properly.  We can store your coats during the warmer seasons until the
weather once again permits, or whenever you feel like it is just taking up too much space.  Fur cleaning is also available, and we are one of few who offer this service.  

Re-dying and Re-conditioning

Leather garments lose its color and strength over time with weather and use.  Let us make your leathers look like brand new without the cost.  

Leather & Furs

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